Search engine optimization (SEO) from black to white

In one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits, "Tom Ridge" explains the U.S. terrorist-threat color codes: Tonight, I'm proud to unveil my agency's new weapon in the War on Terror: the Homeland Security advisory system. It's a simple five level system, which uses color codes to indicate varying levels of terrorist threat. The lowest… Continue reading Search engine optimization (SEO) from black to white

SEO book review: ABC of SEO (George)

I never know what to make of books organized in this pseudo-glossary style, where the only organization is alphabetical-by-topic-title. It seems like an abdication of the author's responsibility to impose meaningful structure. It also makes the reviewer's task slightly artificial - no doubt the encouraged mode of reading is dipping and sampling (perhaps with odd… Continue reading SEO book review: ABC of SEO (George)