Hotel wifi – there oughta be a law!

I'm your typical only-slightly-left-of-center liberal, in that while I believe we need govt regulation and consumer-protection laws, I also believe market forces will auto-correct a lot of lame consumer offerings. Except when I personally feel jerked around - then it's martial law time. Case in point: hotel wifi. What kind of internet access do you… Continue reading Hotel wifi – there oughta be a law!

Things that rock that everyone told me would rock

o Mozilla Firefox Browser-of-choice, immediately. o Dive Into Python By some accident of history, I've never touched Python, though I'd had this feeling that a language with a lambda and a read-eval-print loop couldn't be all bad. So I picked up this book (partly because everyone told me it rocked), and it's a perfect intro.… Continue reading Things that rock that everyone told me would rock