Review of the Connie Converse biography

Howard Fishman just came out with a long-awaited biography of my aunt Connie Converse - a bedroom-demo singer-songwriter of the 1950's, who worked in obscurity, disappeared without a trace in 1974, and then developed a cult following decades later. Here's my review of book (also posted on Amazon):=== I am one of Connie Converse's nephews,… Continue reading Review of the Connie Converse biography

Venga venga venga!! (Management and the Tour de France) [repost from 2005]

An amusing sidelight of the Tour de France is the one coach who seems to spend the entire race in a car right next to his prize rider, with the window open, yelling this over and over again: “Venga venga venga!!! Venga venga venga venga!!!” I think it’s a coach of one of the Basque… Continue reading Venga venga venga!! (Management and the Tour de France) [repost from 2005]