Front end or back end?

I work in web search, and people have asked this question. The truth is that my team does a lot of offline computation to improve crawling, indexing, ranking, and…

Hrm. Given recent events, I’m not in the mood to get overly specific, even though my company is not even close to being as (what’s the word? fucktardalicious? asshatacious?) as Friendster about these things. So I’ll just give you some rough directions for where to find me in the architecture:

See that door? That’s the front end. Go in through the front door, through the house, then out again through the back door (back end). In the back of the back yard, you’ll see a shed. Go back around the shed, and you’ll see a field. Keep walking back through the field, a mile or so, and you’ll see a bunch of guys working with shovels, digging a ditch and laying pipe. I’m back behind those guys.

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