History Book Finder

Here’s a fun hack I just finished. It’s an interface to a handpicked set of history books from Amazon. (More of a gesture at an interface than the real thing — if this had better resolution (zoom?), and more books (say, 1000?), I think it could be cool.)

Some of the book information is snarfed from Amazon using their Web Services API; the map is from worldatlas.com.

3 thoughts on “History Book Finder”

  1. TimBoy has written a pretty darn nifty little applet using Amazon.com’s web API. Select a date from the drop-down box, click anywhere on the map, and below the map will appear a list of books that discuss the region and…

  2. I’m looking for a book published in 1825 titled

    The actual state of the Mexican mines, and the reasonable expectations of the shareholders of the Anglo-Mexican Mine Association, being the substance . . .

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