Extended-stay recommendations on the Peninsula?

We’ve persuaded my retired parents to spend the month of February in the Bay Area, rather than Ann Arbor, Michigan. Anyone have a recommendation for place to stay for a month? I’m thinking the timeframe means extended-stay hotel rather than very-short-term apartment, but I’m open to suggestions. Desired location is the South Peninsula, between Palo Alto and Sunnyvale.

5 thoughts on “Extended-stay recommendations on the Peninsula?”

  1. As a fallback, the residence inn isn’t terrible.. The month rate for a suite should be $109 a night, and for a 1BR studio its $89. The advantage is they have very nice kitchens, which many less expensive hotels don’t have. There is also the “you know what you get factor.”

    I hear Larkspur Landings isn’t bad either.. Last I checked they were $20-30 cheaper the residence and very nice.

    If you aren’t looking for a live-in apartment, just a nice place.. I would suggest going to some of the standard mid-range hotels, as they offer pretty decent rates if you say it will be for a month and ask to speak with the manager. (I lived in the Radisson in San Mateo for a month, it was actually quite comfortable, the beds are much better in a non-live in hotel).

  2. I used to stay at the Country Inn, in Palo Alto, when I came to the Bay Area on consulting trips from the East Coast. On El Camino, a bit north of San Antonio Rd.

    Simple, but it was clean and quiet. Some rooms had kitchens.

    That was several years ago, and things might’ve changed.

  3. I stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Mt. View on El Camino (there are actually *two* of these on El Camino in Mt. View). It’s a bit pricey (I get the gov’t rate of $106/night). The rooms are comfortable, the staff is very nice. Avoid the breakfast burritos, and the omelettes, though.

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