Diversity in the second Bush administration

… means yes-men _and_ yes-women.

Powell’s out, replaced by the more complaisant Condi Rice. The CIA’s been shaken up, with a Bush loyalist appointee firing those who have not toed the Bush line. Ashcroft’s out, but he’s been replaced by the author of the essay “Why Torture Is Really OK As Long As It’s Us Doing It”. In general, new appointees have been promoted from within, with previous loyalty rewarded, and no fresh blood (let alone fresh perspectives). If you thought that Bush was well insulated before … well, it’s time to think fondly back to the good old days of 2000-2004, when dissent in high places was really encouraged.

1 thought on “Diversity in the second Bush administration”

  1. You’re right. The whole “diversity” issue in Bush’s administration is just a paint job which covers the real meaning of diversity.



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