Business and Engineering

Business and Engineering know each other well. Biz and Tech have been friends (or at least colleagues) for years now, and have been through a lot together. They’ve worked hard with each other on some really complicated problems, and by now their conversations must be filled with really interesting observations and insights. Let’s listen in!

Biz: “Are you just getting in? Jeez, you get in really late.”
Tech: “Yeah yeah. So I don’t leave at 5pm like some people.”
Biz: “But the day’s half over!”
Tech: “_My_ day’s not half over. I’ll be working till midnight, and I sure never see you around then”
Biz: “All _I_ know is you get in really late”
Tech: “All I know is _you_ leave really early”
Biz: “Well, all _I_ know is…”

Hmm… maybe it is time to take a brief break from the vibrant conversation, since Biz and Tech do seem to have a lot to discuss. We’ll check back from time to time, and let you know if interesting new topics arise.

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