It started with stumbling across an interview with Richard Hell, a personal hero of mine not just because he was the auteur of the second punk rock record I ever owned. (You get two and only two guesses what the first one was.)

And then three realizations: 1) People who were once both interesting and famous are probably still interesting, 2) the web is large, and probably has a lot of interviews with no-longer-famous people, and (finally) finding such interviews is as easy as typing “[no-longer-famous-name] interview” into your favorite search engine. And so:

Music: David Byrne, Brian Eno, Tom Waits, Ahmet Ertegun, etc.

Fiction: David Foster Wallace

Science fiction: Larry Niven

(Note: get interviews with Kernighan, John McCarthy, etc.)

(If I have a value-add here, it’s that I’ve actually clicked through and found that the links are not 404, not a page that mentions an interview somewhere else, not super-short, etc.)

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