Welcome us to the Bay Area

Almost exactly five years ago, J and I bailed on our semi-entrepreneurial lifestyle in Chicago, moved to Silicon Valley, and took jobs (mine at Excite Search, hers at Epinions).

We were penniless at the time (or to be more accurate: anti-penniful, as we were hoarding a very large stack of negative pennies), and we were closing up an office and a large apartment to move into a small apartment in San Mateo. So we put some of our belongings into self-storage in Chicago, figuring that would be the easiest thing if we ended up moving back six months later.

I’ve paid rent on that storage space monthly for five years straight. Finally having acquired a garage, I decided that we could beat their price, and arranged to have all the stuff trucked here. (It should only take three years or so of not paying storage to make back the moving costs.) The movers showed up yesterday and carted all the boxes into the garage (where needless to say, they will remain completely undisturbed until we move somewhere else).

So I think we have finally arrived in the Bay Area. If you live around here, drop by and say hello sometime (no need to bring a casserole or anything…)

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