So I decided to take a couple of vacation days to turn the 3-day weekend into 5. No travel planned, especially because J’s company, um, does not yet have a vacation policy of its own. Just some time to relax and take care of some things that need doing.

But here’s where the evil VPN comes in. Where in the list below, I ask you, is the cutoff where vacation becomes non-vacation? (This is not just terminology — it’s also about whether my deduction of vacation days was a mistake.) Is it still a vacation if I:

o touch a computer?
o read and send personal email?
o read work email?
o reply to work email?
o read specs that work email happens to point me to?
o follow bugzilla links referenced in work email and make comments?
o file new bugs?
o start writing up entirely new docs, proposals, headcount plans?

Some people wouldn’t call it a vacation unless they were unreachable by co-workers and miles from any electronic device, and they may have a point…

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