Conference room names

Our web search group recently moved to a new building, and as part of the move we got to name the conference rooms. Every floor has to have a distinct theme.

My favorite floor has the following room names (perfect for a search group):

Dr. Livingstone
Golden Fleece
Holy Grail
Lost Ark
Missing Link
Northwest Passage

(I wanted to add WMD to the list, but was overruled.)

Check out the names for another floor in the same building, and think of the confusion potential:


3 thoughts on “Conference room names”

  1. We have our weekly team meetings in Bali…

    Also, there’s a bar near my aunt’s house in Tokyo that’s called “the usual place” (but in Japanese). It’s kinda like security through obscurity… except, more like marketing through ambiguity.

  2. At one of my former jobs, we were planning to name the conference rooms after the major pharmaceutical you’d need if you used it… so the board room would be Viagra, the engineering room would be Prozac, the marketing one would be Ritalin, etc. 🙂

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