Worst jobs in the world?

So a while back J. and I agreed that the worst job in the world is: Vice President of Engineering. (This was based on extensive conversations with friends of ours who hold that thankless title, and awareness of the buck-stops-here nature of the job.)

Then, after seeing the movie _Munich_, and reflecting on the careers of Golda Meir, Ehud Barak, and others, we came up with the following list of worst jobs, in descending order:

1. Prime Minister of Israel
2. Vice-President of Engineering

Then, I had the pleasure of seeing Scott McClellan taking questions about a 2004 video clip in which George Bush says quite forcefully that the government does not under any circumstances set up any wiretaps on U.S. citizens without a court order. McClellan’s spin was that the President was talking about the Patriot Act at the time, and that he only meant that that wiretaps authorized under the Patriot Act require a court order. (The implication being that wiretaps that are not authorized under any particular law are … well, you wouldn’t really be interested in those, if you’re worried about the Patriot Act.)

Our revised list of worst jobs in the world is:

1. George Bush’s Press Secretary
2. Prime Minister of Israel
3. Vice-President of Engineering

Any others?

1 thought on “Worst jobs in the world?”

  1. I am currently a nurse. In my opinion as well as the opinion of all fellow nurses, this is the worst job ever. We are abused every day. The patients yell, curse, hit, kick, spit, bite and not to mention other disgusting things. It is a very abusive and negative field of work. The familiy members that we must tolerate on a daily basis are worse than the patients. Not to mention dealing with bodily fluids spuing out of all orifices every day. The unfortunate thing is that the schools do not advise the nursing students of the reality of the job. Working with old people is an absolute nightmare. They are just pure hateful, rude, mean, and very abusive in every form. Nurses are beat up and verbally abused every day. Most people think nurses make good money but trust me the money sucks compared to what we have to put up with. This jobs is the worst!

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