Game night

A few of us at Yahoo! Search get together on the occasional weeknight at work, to play geek stategy games. And a couple people from Joyce’s startup ( like games too, so we had a combined Game Night at our place last night. (This made extra sense, because the Renkoos are world-renowned experts at helping people Get Their Drink On — something we don’t do too much at work, unfortunately.)

The way it ended up was nine or ten people, split between two tables with (whaddaya know) all the Yahoos at one, and all the Renkoos at the other. The Yahoos were playing Settlers of Catan, and the Renkoos were playing poker. The way I explained it to everyone at the time was: “Makes sense. The start-up people are over there gambling with money, while us big-company guys are fighting over resources.” 🙂 (Not everyone knew what Settlers was all about, so we got some puzzled looks from the poker table when one of us murmured “Sheep are what I crave!” 🙂 )

1 thought on “Game night”

  1. I liked playing Settlers when I was still in High School. It is challenging 🙂 I remembered the decision of the starting location is strongly affecting how fast you can build up the roads and houses.

    Too Bad… none of my friend wants to learn and play with me in here 😦

    btw, Happy Lunar New Year 🙂

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