Everything _is_ intertwingled!

So I was sitting in front of my computer at home, and nearly simultaneously (about three seconds apart) I heard the “biff” sound of incoming yahoo.com mail (anyone out there old-school-unix enough to remember biff?) and … my pants began to vibrate.

No, my pants do not offer a vibration feature. What was happening, of course, was that someone had sent me a Renkoo invitation, and I had their my prefs set for both email and SMS notification, and I’m one of those people who just keeps their cell phone in their pocket, often with the ringer off.

Silly though it may be, I did experience a pleasant little jolt of surprise at my level of connectedness to my online-social world 🙂 …. This was from the early alpha version of Renkoo – look for a _lot_ more from them on the connectedness theme in coming months. (Full disclosure: I know some of the Renkoos quite well.)

1 thought on “Everything _is_ intertwingled!”

  1. Wow, I had forgotten about biff. I’d never used biff proper, only xbiff. I used xbiff later on in college with the little picture of the mailbox.

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