I’m not grumpY!

I am not grumpY! (but I’m a huge fan of his work 🙂 ).

People have wondered, because grumpY! is the handle of a Yahoo! employee who posts his grumpy pseudonymous comments to various Yahoo! blogs. I’m amazed that anyone could think we’re the same person – what are they keying off of? My inner grumpiness? And if so, how do they even know about my inner grumpiness, when the only clue they have is my outer grumpiness? 🙂

Anyway, just for the record, it looks like grumpY! is a long-time Y! employee who was there during the Bubble – me, I arrived in 2003 with the Inktomi acquisition. And I actually never post anonymously. The only thing I’m actually grumpy about is that I didn’t think of the grumpY! handle first. I’ve thought of adopting an alter ego as crankY!, but that would just feel so derivative at this point. 🙂