WebmasterWorld Day 2

Zawodny/Cutts/Scoble panel. Tabke says that for these large companies, blogging is like “running naked down Times Square”. Panelists look slightly taken aback.
Scoble: readership varies wildly based on what you’re talking about that day.
Cutts: SEOs should think about getting traffic from blogging.

Tabke: what’s it like day-to-day in corp environment, being this candid? Scoble: a lot easier than three years ago. People understand the role internally more. Zawodny: hardest thing is not letting the fact of a large readership change how you write. Cutts: saw a talk from Z about how many times he’d gotten a talking-to from mgmt – he hasn’t gotten a talking-to from G yet. It feels weird to post widely about a bug he’s been complaining about internally.

Cutts: can’t go back from blogging.

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