WebmasterWorld PubCon wrap-up

I’m back the Bay Area after a trip to Boston for the WebmasterWorld PubCon, with a side trip to Ann Arbor, MI to see my parents. (I’d been hoping to fly SF->Boston->Detroit->SF, but it turned out to be cheaper and simpler (from an accounting perspective) to fly SF->Boston->SF, with a frolic-and-detour of Boston->Detroit->Boston in the middle. Company pays for the outer loop, I pay for the inner loop. Long, long travel day on Saturday.)

Highlights of the conference for me: the Gladwell talk (blogged earlier), the local search panel (with apparently ever-amusing Jake Baillie), and the various bring-your-own-site SEO clinics (link building, organic site reviews). Also and probably most of all the “thin-slicing search” panel with Gord Hotchkiss of eye-tracking study fame. I love this stuff, and hope we’ll see more of this kind of careful examination of how users use search, down to the millisecond.

The YPN party was fun, though I didn’t end up staying long. And then of course there’s the dinner that must remain nameless (and blogless), without any mention of desserts or Scotch, or of the fact that after-hours even the most competitive companies can have a friendly meal together. But you didn’t hear it from me.

Alas, my filial obligations kept me from the PubCon within PubCon, and so I remain with a lifetime PubCon attendance record of zero. So of course the main takeaway is: I gotta get out more. 🙂 I hope to be at SES in August (with the limitation of the conflicting spam workshop at SIGIR), and will definitely make it to the next Las Vegas PubCon (in November).

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