Airport security lines

Yesterday (Friday 8/11) I was scheduled for a noon flight from Seattle back from San Jose. Mindful of liquid security risks, I first of all threw away all the moistizurers, lotions, conditioners, exfoliants, depilatory creams, oxidizing potions, anti-wrinkle solutions, whitening pastes, and sculpting gels that make up my 2-hour beautification regime each morning. (Just kidding. But my toothpaste did have to go, because I only had one bag and was not about to subject my Powerbook to checked luggage.)

Then I left the hotel at about 9am (for a noon flight), got there in 25 minutes, got my boarding pass, and waited in the security line for … about five minutes, getting me to the gate about 9:45. Aside from one TSA person shouting loudly and completely unintelligibly about what could and could not be taken on board, it seemed to be business as usual.

Good thing I like to read. In fact, getting to the airport early never seems like that much of a bummer to me – get some coffee, find a seat, tune out the world, and read a book. What’s so bad about that?

2 thoughts on “Airport security lines”

  1. > […] getting to the airport early never seems like that much of a bummer to me […]

    Eegads, man, unless you’re one of the lucky few that always gets the privilege of sitting in the somewhat-secluded business lounges, you’re either far more tolerant or far more insane than I am.

    You’re not bothered by the obnoxiously alarmist CNN tripe blaring from the many TVs? The screaming tots? The ridiculously dirty and uncomfortable seats? The laughably useless announcements (“Remember, please keep posession of your belongings at all time…”)? The difficulty in finding an accessible electrical outlet for your laptop? The substandard and overpriced food? The general feeling of unease, confusion, confinement…?

    Tim, I’d like to know either:
    1) What airports you frequent (the Singapore airport is about the only one I could personally say I’ve enjoyed)
    2) What you’re smoking :p

  2. Adam —

    Well, note that one crucial step is “tune out the world”. And no worries about laptop power, because the book is printed on pulp. šŸ™‚

    Airports? Usuallly SFO, SJC, ORD, DTW….

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