iPods in cars

Here’s what I _really_ want for New Year’s. The only place I listen to music is in my car, and I’ve been saying for a while that I might need to find a job further away from my home to increase my quality time …

My stereo is direct from Subaru, unfortunately, so I’d have to get a different one. Even a different car, if necessary. (It’s definitely time for the midlife crisis car, don’t you think? Do iPods come in red?)

3 thoughts on “iPods in cars”

  1. though jeremy jokes, i put in my vote for the Z4 as your midlife crisis car. it’s an excellent value, and a damn sexy car.

    yesterday steve-o said a bunch of other “top of the line” companies (porsche, etc.) are integrating the ipod. so whatever P.i.m.p car you go after will probably be ipod-ready.

  2. Thanks, Sterling. So many mid-life crises suffer from bad planning you know. And “damn sexy” is right at the top of the must-have attribute list for the MLC car. 🙂 (“Excellent value”?… not so much.)

    The captcha challenge for _this_ comment is “danger”(!).

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