Snail mail scandals

A couple of us were playing games the other night, and the subject of postal service scandals came up. The scandals from different countries were revealingly different.

Greece: Postmasters were routinely throwing away outbound mail destined for other countries, because 1) who would complain, 2) why would the postmasters care about complaints, and 3) how could the complainers prove it?

Switzerland: There were two classes of mail: A (guaranteed overnight) and B (not overnight). The problem was that the post office was so incredibly efficient that even B-class mail was always getting there overnight. The scandal: postmasters were artificially slowing up some B-class mail to make it different from A-class mail.

USA (Chicago): Mail carriers were either so lazy or so overworked or that they kept getting caught with huge piles of old undelivered mail in their attics, basements, pickup trucks. One very large cache of old mail was found under a freeway overpass, and it was easy to find because it was on fire.

2 thoughts on “Snail mail scandals”

  1. Switzerland reminds me of various electronics manufacturers who build the real gadget and then disable some of the features for the cheaper version.

  2. The large gap between those who have ability or property. My sis in jail, when in institutions- some dont recieve e-mail phone calls, or junk photos or paper I like paper….I think of the rich the poor far from the interested and stifled wanting to communicate it’s confusing homeless mail? I love e-mail & can’t get it.

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