No more Matt jokes

I now and hereby declare the “Matt Cutts of …” jokes tired, and officially retire them. 🙂 First of how, how could I presume? Secondly, no one is the someone else of anything – we are all unique and _special_ people, as individual as snowflakes. 🙂 Seems like Matt’s job is more outward-facing all the time (branching into cool videos!), while mine still isn’t – I am not going to have “Timlets”. They really don’t let me out of the office that often, and I think they’re making the right call. 🙂 If it’s an external job, then Jeremy _is_ the MC. I’m also beginning to manage some relevance issues besides spam (which shall remain unnamed).

Finally …. I am getting the sense that even the ways G and Y! approach internal spam-fighting are strongly and interestingly different, which would mean even our internal jobs are different. I won’t say a lot more about that, beyond the fact that I am beginning to hypothesize that Y!’s spam effort is _more_ look-ma-no-hands algorithmic (i.e. less purely editorial) than G’s. (Both outfits obviously use both styles of combat, and both are extremely necessary.)

But I love the SEO-education role that Matt has taken on – there is such a need for it, and Matt does such a great job. 90% of his good advice applies to Y! Search as well, whether you get it in blogpost form, by video, or up close and personal.

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